What are KWSM’s Favorite Apps?

by Olivia Riley

At KWSM, we know social media, and we know it well. Using social networking platforms and their supporting apps is a way of life for us. As a result, we are leading experts on the subject. We have a sincere passion for these platforms and how they help us transform businesses and even our own lives. Hence, we decided to share our favorite apps! Read on to see what we’re using and why.


Pocket is an online bookmarking app that allows users to save an article to read later. This is great for keeping up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry – or just interesting general reads – and provides you an easy and accessible way to read them on your time. KWSM’s director of operations agrees, saying: “Pocket allows you to save articles to read later, even if you don’t have an internet connection. It’s a great way to keep track of articles that look interesting without distracting you from what you are working on!”


Instagram, the famous photo and video sharing social media application, is another favorite pick in the KWSM office. Many of our team members enjoy the platform for its visually pleasing aesthetics and curated communities. Says one KWSM team member: “I like Instagram because I can follow exactly the kinds of things that I like and want to see, and usually the quality of what people post is usually pretty good.” One of our content editors adds: “I like aesthetics, and I like how the app lets you showcase your personal brand.” KWSM’s videographer also agrees: “I like how it allows photographers and other artists to display their work and connect.”


Yelp is a business directory and review service platform that lets users search for local hot spots, such as restaurants and retail shops and businesses of all types. For lesser-known organizations and new companies just starting, Yelp’s discoverability aspect is invaluable and is especially useful for service-based companies trying to increase foot traffic. For these reasons, many small business owners love Yelp, and so does KWSM’s executive assistant who adds: “It is a great way to find new spots to try and learn what other people have said about places before spending time and money there.”


Twitter is another KWSM team favorite, with many team members claiming the microblogging social networking platform to be their preferred social channel. According to KWSM’s senior content editor and training manager: “Twitter is my all-time favorite app and social media channel. I love feeling like I’m always getting the quickest, fastest info as soon as it hits, and that I can read the opinions of others about my favorite shows and movies, even if I don’t always agree with how they feel about it!” This sentiment seems to be shared among Twitter lovers, with another team member adding, “I love Twitter because it’s all live info!” Additionally, many users love how Twitter allows you to connect with anyone in the world at any time, and KWSM’s managing editor agrees, saying: “Twitter is the only place online where you have the opportunity to capture the attention of anyone on the channel. If you want to tweet at Elon Musk, he could see it on his feed, and he could respond. People feel valued when brands or celebrities reply, like, or retweet their message. People on the platform are there to engage and have dialogue in real-time. Twitter is the platform for true connection if you are authentic in your approach to using the channel.”


Although LinkedIn’s usage is lower in comparison to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, it is still a favorite platform among the KWSM team, with one content editor sharing: “My favorite app is LinkedIn because I can get a daily download of news from the app, keep up with my network, and showcase my expertise in digital marketing. I find that the platform is good at curating content for me that I am interested in reading and watching. If I do post, I like that my professional network engages with me and comments on my articles. Unlike the other social media platforms, I see LinkedIn as a platform where I can actually be productive!” And this seems to be true for many of the platform’s users since it primarily functions as a professional networking site for job seekers, recruiters and those looking to expand their business connections. Most recently, the platform has taken a focus on sharing content geared towards professional development and newsworthy workplace topics.

Did you see your favorite platform mentioned? Or, perhaps you’re using one of these platforms for your business but hadn’t considered tapping into another. Don’t worry, as you can see, here at KWSM we are well acquainted with a range of social media networking apps, and we can help you leverage the power of any platform for your business.

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