Decades of experience operating numerous companies, including starting a company from the ground up to operating a major multi-billion dollar company, has given me the opportunity to offer the following services. My current experience includes working as a founding director of a number of small companies while also mentoring students at a major university entrepreneurship incubator. I’m also an angel investor and making investments with the local Angel Investment Group.


This is directed to people in a management role that are interested in increasing and improving their particular function. The cost will be based on individual sessions or by a longer-range program having a monthly fee. The programs will include one-on-one meetings, including topics from seminars and webinars.



This is directed to helping those in a management role that want to expand beyond function and responsibility to a higher level. Programs will include one-on-one meetings, seminars topics, and the utilization of webinars. The cost will be based on a target to attain and the time to accomplish.




These will be done online and will include the various updated topics, listed on the Webinars Page. They will be an hour in length and the call-in number will be free. The fee base will be determined by the particular subject and the time it takes. The present schedule is for one new webinar each month.



See a list of topics on the Seminars Page. Programs will be offered by doing in-house presentations. Seminars can be done on an individual topic or a series of topics. The fee for such program will be based on the time request for seminar meeting, the frequency and the location. Outside personal would be solicited with experience in the topic.


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