Interview With Chad Trainer

I have the pleasure of talking with Chad Trainer, a cofounder and CEO of Proboknow, a unique startup, but I will leave that to Chad. Chad will cover time from his graduation from law school to forming his company to using lawyers.

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Interview With Les Goldberg

: I had the pleasure of talking with Les Goldberg, who I believe is the epitome of a PR expert. I directed this like a PR primer as I hope to benefit as well as the audience.

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Interview With Jeff Greenberg

I had the pleasure of talking with Jeff Greenberg, a very successful entrepreneur, who build a company Hiperwall and is at it again looking for a new venture. Jeff covers the details of his startup company.

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Interview With Scott Lien – Founder Of Grand Pad

I had the pleasure to speak with Scott Lien, the founder and CEO of grandPad. To me, grandPad is one of the best startups in my recent history. A lot of god things have happened to grandPad and Scott in a relatively short time, but let him tell us about them. I had a...

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Interview With Has Patel

Some critics are writing off high tech manufacturing in the U.S. To get a different view of this, I had the pleasure of talking with Has Patel to help put down the statement, “U.S. Manufacturing is dead”. Has Patel is heavily involved in U.S. in various elements in...

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Interview With Esosa Agbonwaneten

I have the pleasure of talking to Esosa Agbonwaneten, a graduate of UCI and a co-founder of Bulletin LLC. Esosa is on a path to raise money for her startup and will give us an idea on how she got to this point.

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