Dadamo Conversations


Acquisitions–Mergers –  Are you ready. One of my contacts asked if I could expand on my experience with mergers. There are numerous and articles on stating the majority of mergers failing. Even the big guys like Hewlett Packard, with all the resources, fail badly in...

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Rick Taking

Rick Taking – Dictionary Definition: “taking risk is facing some kind of peril, jeopardy, hazard, or exposure to chance of injury or loss.” In my experience an entrepreneur starting a new company faces risk at the highest level by entering a new venture and the...

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There Are Boards and There Are Boards

There Are Boards and There Are Boards I have encounter startups who set up a Board of Directors with relatives and friends, who may be initial investors. This can be a dangerous practice if it continues to various growth stages of the company, for lack of knowledge or...

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Planning─The Reality: What is it about Planning?

Planning─The Reality: What is it about Planning? Working with startup companies, I seldom come across an early entrepreneur who has a document plan. I try to introduce the ones I work with to start out with a canvas business model template. This than can be found on...

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Planning─Knock Down the Myths

Planning─Knock Down the Myths In my experience, the biggest drag to changing the culture to document plans are myths. When these myths are believed, it provides a rationale for not starting a formal plan. Unfortunately, it is tough enough even without the myths to do...

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Management Fibs

Management Fibs Everyone has heard the now infamous, "The check is in the mail." If someone who owed YOU money said that, would you believe it? Management tells fibs, too -- below are some of my favorites.

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