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Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees ─ Growth from zero revenue or accelerating present growth rates requires capital, and the higher the revenue growth desired, the more cash is required to support it.

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Mentors  ─ The way I see it, a coach expands a person’s role, like helping someone in marketing to get better at marketing, but mentoring will expand the person’s role from one dimension to being an entrepreneur and running a company.    

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Turnarounds ─ One of my disappointments being an angel investor for several years, as part of a group, was when I believed there were some occasions, when the group gave up too soon on a company. The action was there was no desire to put more money into the struggling...

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Managers Match

Managers Match ─ There's a general feeling that all the presentations I sit through with entrepreneurs raising money, it’s implied the founder entrepreneur is going to take the company to a point that is successful, success being when everyone is getting a payback for...

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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable ─ As a startup company starts to grow, they must optimize how to get the most possible cash into the system from the business. Accounts Receivable are essentially a loan to the customers and someone in the company providing a product or service...

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Cash Flow

Cash Flow ─ I have started several blogs regarding startups with ‘it’s all about cash’ and this one really fits. One serious thing to avoid when planning a start-up is a lack of forecasting cash flow. In fact, the term even seems to be new to the company’s...

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