Dadamo Conversations

Selling The Positives

Selling The Positives ─ Every new company starts out small. Besides being faced with the unknown, many times it's hard to convince a new customer because of the smallness problem. As an investor, I like to look for what are the strengths of the company as part of the...

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The Changing Gross Margin

The Changing Gross Margin ─ In the physical product world, that I call touch and feel it has been established that the gross margin equals the revenue minus the cost of manufacturing Margins at 40% are good. In the software market, margins above 90% can be found...

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Breakeven ─ Every company should have an understanding of its financial numbers that are required for survival. This would be operating at just a sales level for zero profit and the is referred to the Breakeven point.

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The Investor Mentality

The Investor Mentality ─ Each category of investor has a different agenda. Here are my perceptions of debtors and investors, which I hope will help approach the task of raising capital more knowledgeably.

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Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees ─ Growth from zero revenue or accelerating present growth rates requires capital, and the higher the revenue growth desired, the more cash is required to support it.

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