Dadamo Conversations


In the last several decades there's been a major change in marketing with the Internet and social media. Although these are very helpful, I believe these are tools of marketing. We give our opinion on how we believe marketing still has the basics.

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Due Diligence

This is really a new term many new entrepreneurs do not fill my mind with. If investors keep going along after presentation more meetings with the team their interest level will actually reach doing a due diligence. This is an in-depth review and analysis...

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Term Sheet

After a successful due diligence, investors will turn to a term sheet. Which is a document that defines the basic elements of the agreement between the investors and the entrepreneur. This is where the entrepreneur team needs a lot of support and from...

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There's a big difference between the mindset for the inexperienced entrepreneur and the expected investors who write big checks for the stranger – entrepreneur This mindset gap needs to be closed in order to get the investors eventually to make major...

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Money Slides

There are several slides that are very important to investors we identified topics for the slides we believe are needed. As an example, it's the money needed, and how abused is the absolute necessity for an exit plan.

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Ownership is a very precious asset, so therefore for the inexperience founder entrepreneur starts distributing ownership to team members, suppliers, family, and ultimately investors. It is good advice they that seek help from coaches and mentors and...

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