Dadamo Conversations

Facing the Investors, no Need for Fear

Facing the Investors, no Need for Fear─No doubt a new entrepreneur’s may have many traumas but one that can be avoided is that caused by facing investors for the first time who are strangers. I have tried following below to present what to expect to be better...

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Stagnation—The Wrong Path to Growth

Stagnation—The Wrong Path to Growth─Very few entrepreneurs have the wherewithal to take a company from startup to tens of millions of dollars in revenue. To be successful, an entrepreneur has to have a certain level of risk in their character. During the initial...

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Focus—Beat the Statistics for Failure

Focus—Beat the Statistics for Failure─Two of the most frequent failures of growing companies are: Management trying to be all things to all people and in particular, to all customer requests; and Cash Management. Trying to be all things to all people can be the...

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Dealing with Mr. Big 

Dealing with Mr. Big ─ One of the reasons for startups failing is because they lose their focus. This can happen when a new market segment looks like the way to go, or a big company is willing to give them very big offer. The danger is a small startup company is not...

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Is It Really a Business?

Is It Really a Business? ─ Besides being an Angel investor I have worked with student entrepreneurs at local universities. I run across many situations, where there isn’t an understanding of the difference between a product to build a business and a product that is an...

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