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Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances and building a plan the company strategic alliances should be considered. Many startups are focused one discipline like technology marketing. Strategic alliances to fill the voids from the very beginning can be a big help in getting...

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Advisory Boards

The startup should as early as possible get coaches and mentors as part of their team. I often tell new entrepreneur they don't know what they don't know, which is not a put-down, but in a new experience all areas; marketing, finance, human resources, will be new to...

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The first step after the dream is visualized for the concept, new product or service is to validate the dream, concept or product. Our conversation covers our experience on how to go about this, and the importance that this validation should far along when...

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Mentors are vital need for the new inexperience entrepreneurs. In this conversation we cover what we think mentors should be can be, with their qualifications and experience.

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Time Management

At the start, the entrepreneur is generally facing new experiences needed to build a business. Trying in the company to be all things to all people. Managing the time becomes very important, especially as priorities and activities are constantly changing...

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