Dadamo Conversations

The Vulnerability of Small Businesses

The Vulnerability of Small Businesses ─ Normal operating pressure on running a small business existed before the Coronavirus hit the country. But nothing was anywhere like, forcing a small company gym to shut down for months.

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Anti-growth─Killing the Golden Goose

Anti-growth─Killing the Golden Goose ─ The Golden Goose is the product line and service that is successful. It is carrying the company along. When you divert from this its anti-growth.  

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Can the Business be Scaled up (Growth)?

Thinking back each year I try to assess what can be done to better presentations, to increase my interest after another year of watching several presentations.  In many presentations given to investor groups, the founder/entrepreneur has 12 minutes to make an...

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Reasons Investors May Not Invest

Reasons Investors May Not Invest ─ Just because the Entrepreneur thinks they have the greatest opportunity in the world, this doesn’t mean all the investors they talk to will jump in.  Whereas the entrepreneur will spend the 24 hour days on the company, this may be...

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Exit Plan

Exit Plan ─ It’s a given, that in most of the presentations I see as an angel investor include a list of companies that the entrepreneur presenter says they expect to be bought at some defined point in the future. Of course one slide and some 30 second commentary is...

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