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Ownership is a very precious asset, so therefore for the inexperience founder entrepreneur starts distributing ownership to team members, suppliers, family, and ultimately investors. It is good advice they that seek help from coaches and mentors and...

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After looking at hundreds of presentations from entrepreneurs with attempted to cover the absolute necessities for presentation, the do's, and even, more important the don'ts – those that should be avoided putting the presentation together.

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Forecasting minimizing risk. Forecasting is not rocket science more than anything its discipline in many ways to forecast the unknown and we this conversation will help to identify them.

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In this conversation, we relate to what we consider to be basic finance elements for a new startup entrepreneur. These include balance sheets, breakeven, profit and loss, and murder rates.

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Business Canvas Model

Early startups should make an effort for developing a business model. Actually, the business model will be a foundation that can help the planning of the growth of the company. It will be a big help in developing the presentation to be used for investors....

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We believe benchmarking is a tool that marketing should utilize for gathering information from customers to competitors and service people that will strengthen in comparing situations to this list, for the forecast.

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