Dadamo Conversations

Finance not Just for Bean Counters

Finance not Just for Bean Counters ─ For the new entrepreneur,  Most of what is needed is not taught in the education system therefore the startup chief executive has to get a great understanding of finance needs from experience, but that can take too much time. This...

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The Vulnerability of Small Businesses

The Vulnerability of Small Businesses ─ Normal operating pressure on running a small business existed before the Coronavirus hit the country. But nothing was anywhere like, forcing a small company gym to shut down for months.

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Anti-growth─Killing the Golden Goose

Anti-growth─Killing the Golden Goose ─ The Golden Goose is the product line and service that is successful. It is carrying the company along. When you divert from this its anti-growth.  

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Can the Business be Scaled up (Growth)?

Thinking back each year I try to assess what can be done to better presentations, to increase my interest after another year of watching several presentations.  In many presentations given to investor groups, the founder/entrepreneur has 12 minutes to make an...

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