Dadamo Conversations

Are You Ready To Sell?

For a successful entrepreneur, at some point in time, to get a return investment, it will be necessary for a company to be faced with selling part or all of the company. Will you be ready emotionally?      

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Motivation Through the Back Door

The staff of a startup company is expected t work long hours, perform various functions as expected, work in an environment where the stress level is high and they may work for zero compensation for several months or years. It's necessary to ensure that the motivation...

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Elevator Speech

The elevator speech─and the efforts beyond for raising money─are the most important personal sales activities an entrepreneur can experience. The cash phase starts with image. The elevator speech is a pitch and should show passion and confidence but, for sure, not...

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The first step after the dream is the valuation for the concept, new product or service and validating the dream, concept or product, is done with customers to see if they need it and will pay for it. Our conversation covers our experience on how to go about this, and...

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Busting $10 Million

The need for changing culture ─ as a management consultant to small companies for more years than I care to remember. I can safely say that the majority of my clients wanted to break the $10 million revenue barrier. This applied to start-ups as well as ongoing...

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Knowing Doing Gap

Why is it we know what's to be done, but don't seem to get to it? Every time it's reviewed it causes frustration and a waste of time.

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