Dadamo Conversations

Is The Entrepreneur Coachable?

I have been challenged more than once in working with young entrepreneurs, whenever I use the word ‘coachable’ and they always ask me to explain what that means. I used to tell them, every investor has a different feeling about the word coachable, and I...

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Steps To The Money

Steps to the money – entrepreneur startup may not realize it but there's a long path to DC travel for success. This is an attempt to mention all those steps from the dream to the big money and idea was to be expected as the company moves along.

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Questions From Investors

Most often use questions by investors - when encountering startup entrepreneurs. many presentation sessions are arranged so that 2 minutes or so if for an of uninterrupted presentation, and 12 minutes of questions, we experienced usually come in the...

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Lawyers - Not a dirty 4 letter word. Lawyers suffer from their perception, but from my experience I can tell you lawyers are definitely needed at the beginning of a startup, and to help the entrepreneur in many ways, starting with how to form the company...

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In the last several decades there's been a major change in marketing with the Internet and social media. Although these are very helpful, I believe these are tools of marketing. We give our opinion on how we believe marketing still has the basics.

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Due Diligence

This is really a new term many new entrepreneurs do not fill my mind with. If investors keep going along after presentation more meetings with the team their interest level will actually reach doing a due diligence. This is an in-depth review and analysis...

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