Business News Weekly — September 3, 2018 

Amazon isn’t paying it electric bills, from an article in Bloomberg Magazine. The company is passing on infrastructure development and other cost to residents in at least two states. 

Amazon is fast moving to get a marketing cap of $1 trillion, and at their rate of growth they may pass Apple, who already reached $1 trillion. 

Elon Musk’s two fateful mistakes, from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It’s referring to his decisions on the Solar City deal and ambitious Model-3 promises. All this keeps the pressure on Musk. I get the feeling that Musk likes to have his face constantly in the national media. The SEC is still investigating him for some of his recent twitters. 

New beverage options are exploding. In my early years there were three drinks, Coke, Pepsi, and 7-Up. It seems every week there is a new company and new drink. 

Oil prices are unlikely to rise above $80 this year, Oman minister says.

  • Oman is the largest non-OPEC producer in the Middle East and it was severely affected by the oil price slump that took hold in 2015.
  • It signed up to a late-2016 deal between OPEC and non-OPEC producers, notably Russia, to curb oil output in a bid to support prices.