Business News Weekly — July 9, 2018

Interesting enough, these day’s interns are getting paid. After my working with some universities and entrepreneur programs I really think this is good and bad, because there are a lot of students willing to work as interns for free for a semester for no income. Now the percentage of internship/co-ops that are unpaid has dropped from 49% down to 17%, so good for them. 

“Amazon must keep doing it all” from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says just gave the world a strong reminder of its ambitions. On Thursday, the company announced a new effort to beef up its own package/delivery network by recruiting small-business owners to operate fleets of Amazon branded vehicles. This is right after Amazon bought an online pharmaceutical company. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the M&A market is on a pace for a record. This might even be accelerated by the tech disruption and favorable court decision on AT&T, making conditions ripe for more deals. 

Bloomberg Magazine has an interesting article called “Man versus machine,” whereas the modular automation from HighRes Biosolutions let’s lab technicians quickly disconnect, move, and reconnect mobile carts containing robot arms and other devices, expanding the range of experiments that can be performed as a single site.

Again from Bloomberg Magazine, “Billionaires rescue Harvard from poor returns.” The richest endowment in higher education lags the Ivy League average but the school is a fundraising powerhouse. Just for numbers, they raised $9 billion in their latest fundraising campaign. 

“Looking at the unicorn companies” from an article in the Bloomberg Magazine the US has 106 and China has 98. Chinese companies are involved 16 industries which is a lot broader than the US, which is mostly high-tech. Of the top 10 companies, five are from China. As I said last week, so much for communism.