Business News Weekly — July 23 2018

EU slaps $5 billion fine on Google. a record amount, as faulted for abusing its cloud in the market. 

Google’s operating system Android dominates the global market of the almost 1.5 billion devices shipped and Android has 1.25 million of that. In addition, Google’s Chrome mobile web browser market share is over 50% 

Sampson readies phone with foldable screen. 

Facebook cuts sites advocating violence. 

Netflix missed subscriber mark and stock goes down 14% because of faulty forecast. Netflix has over 125 million subscribers. At the same time, Netflix brings its comedy to radio, after making a deal with Sirius XM Holdings Inc. to create a comedy channel. 

China rise as investors in US startups. Venture capital flows to high tech-sectors. It used to be China was limited to a certain level investing in the US.