Business News Weekly — August 6, 2018

Apple got a lot of favorable press this past week. Apple delivered his best ever revenue in what is typically its weakest quarter. Although units ship went down the average price Apple is close to $1000. The average price is 15% is more than a year ago. Interesting enough Samson profits went down as fewer buyers were willing to shell out the nearly $1000 for their flagship phone

But the real WOW, Apple’s has become the first trillion-dollar market cap company in the world and in history. The amazing thing to me they did this with one type product known as a “one trick pony.” This can change the thinking of investors who are asking the entrepreneurs, “What is your nest product,” before making an investment.

Bloomberg Magazine this past week dedicated the entire issue to The New Space Age. There are numerous companies in this marketplace. Tesla’s Elon Musk is the founder of Space-X and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origins who are competing in this market. Musk is further along them Bezos and is getting customers to pay millions of dollars to put satellites in space.

“Fewer jobs for foreign M.B.A. students” — from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says firms hesitate to hire international graduates in mid-tougher U.S. visa policies, school say. H-1B visas allowing foreigners to come in the country are down even though the number of international graduate students in the US has risen. Companies planning to hire international graduates from US business schools is down this year. This disappoints me is I believe we need more talent coming in the country in the H-1B program.

In Bloomberg Magazine, they list 11 of the world’s wealthiest people who are in the space market and building everything from re-usable spaceships to 3-D printed rockets to micro’s satellites and intracellular probes

Spotify, the music-streaming subscriptions grew 10% in the last quarter and they say they have 180 million monthly active users. At the same time their loss increased.