Business News Weekly — August 13, 2018 

I’ve always felt the stock market with its ups and downs is controlled by the big guys. This is really emphasized recently when Tesla headed by CEO/Founder Musk made headlines by making a couple announcements- the results: investors who try to anticipate the future by “short buying” lost $1.7 billion and then the stock jumped up by his twitter by saying he may take the company public. The SEC is looking into this. 

Buffett leads parade to Apple winners. Buffett has really gained as Apple reached the Trillion Dollar Marketing Cap. Remember when Buffett shied away from all high-tech investments. His investment in Apple approaches 5%. 

Sonos jumps 33% in debut. This company is all about speakers, which may not be all that high tech. This shows again and it’s great to be an early buyer an IPO. 

“Chinese tech giant, Huawei, closes in on Apple” — from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Huawei shipped more phones globally in the US company in the second quarter, but remember Apple revenue increased because more high end phones are being purchased. 

Microsoft’s Surface Go is positioned to take out not one but two Apple tablets. 

Oregon Health and Science University has a program that is part of a large national study called CART Collaborative Aging (in-place) Research. Using Technology Initiative. Researchers will monitor daily activities of seniors using sensors and other technology installed in the home. 

Amazon has a program called Fulfilled by Amazon (FB A) with thousands of independent shops, manufacturers and distributors sell their own products directly on Amazon – has spawned a blossoming ecosystem where entrepreneurs are thriving.