Business News Weekly ─ September 30, 2019

“Your body will soon be your wallet” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says facial recognition is Silicon Valley’s final frontier for payments. Actually when used, the iPhone may not be needed.

Google follows Apple with new game service. Google is launching a video game subscription service this week at $4.99 a month, shortly after Apple offered the same thing at the same price

SAT scores decline showing a greater percentage of high school students are not ready for college-level work.

Apple can’t win is 14 $3 billion tax battle in your that is grinding through the courts. It could end up generating unwelcome headlights for Apple and Brussels alike.

Amazon goes electric to cut emissions. Amazon plans to buy 100,000 electric delivery vehicles as it seeks to reduce its carbon emissions in the face of criticism of its environmental impact.

“Then they came for lawyers” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. Twitch cofounder Justin T has raised 75 million for his attorney rental company.

Apple will keep Mac assembly in U.S.

“Forever 21 files for bankruptcy, plans to close most of its stores in Asia and Europe” ─ from MSNBC. Apparel retailer Forever 21 said Sunday night it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

“First gas station in America to ditch oil for 100% electric vehicle charging opens in Maryland” ─ from MSNBC. he first gas station in the U.S. that has been completely transitioned from a petroleum station to exclusively charging EVs opened Thursday in Takoma Park, Maryland. RS Automotives, the local gas station, has been around since 1958.

The station will feature four dispensers that connect to a high-powered, 200kW system. The system will allow four vehicles to charge simultaneously and reach 80% battery charge in 20 to 30 minutes. Drivers can go inside and sit in an automated convenience store with screens that allow drivers to track their vehicle’s charging progress.