Business News Weekly ─ September 2, 2019

“Tech giants lose luster for investors” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. The major companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google have given investors little upside over the past 12 months.

Apple will be showing its latest iPhone early in September. At the same time, they still plan to introduce a movie and TV subscription services this fall, starting with a small selection and free trials.

“Amazon has ceded control of it site” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It goes on to say the result: thousands of banned unsafe or mislabeled products. As an example, a Wall Street Journal investigation found 4,152 items for sale on site that had been declared unsafe by federal agencies.

SmileDirect redefined the doctor-patient relationship at the expense of safety? It’s been a busy two years for The SmileDirect Club, the hard charging startup the promises what many customers undoubtable consider a win: plastic aligners to strengthen teeth for fraction of what they would pay to get treatment through their dentist.

Two gentlemen formed the company now that they developed an online sports document called the Athletic. The target demographic is the fan to follow the team when you lose or win. They claim they can potentially amass tens of millions of subscribers by collecting diet – hard fans. They now have more than a half million subscribers.