Business News Weekly ─ September 17, 2018

Well, Apple made their latest annual new product and apparently the investors like it, as Apple stock did quite well after the announcement.

The average price for an Apple iPhone has increased from last year, so it’s clear their strategy is to sell less units at higher prices and ultimately higher profit. Now this will help Apple in China, but some of the features they added practically including the wider screen are already being supplied by competitors in China at lower prices.

Also expected Apple has made more features to the Apple Watch but this is a market that still isn’t growing robustly. For the record, Apple is number five in China with the 6% piece of the market.

Get Ready for Generation Z Workers ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It’s interesting to note that these are people born roughly in 1977 and up to a few years ago. Now that large generation is more than the normal 25 years or so. The article goes on to say early signs suggested Gen Z workers are more competitive and pragmatic but also more anxious and reserved than the millennial’s.

Ford recalled 2.5 million F-150 Trucks and GM recalls 1 million pickups. You think these automobile design engineers after over a century of experience have learned how to design automobile.

A startup in Hong Kong raised $4.2 billion. It’s called Meituan Dianping. It caters to China’s growing middle class. For the record China’s middle class is larger than the total US population

Lawmakers pulsing Tech Giants over security. At the same, the European Union is running through some serious legal issues to put more pressure on the Google’s and Facebook’s.

PKIX Finds $11.8M For Smart Camera  ─ Costa Mesa-based OPKIX, which is developing a “smart camera” and related editing and sharing apps, announced today that it has raised $11.8M in a Series B funding round. The funding came from angels, including Ash Avildsen (Founder and CEO of Sumerian Records and Films); Dorian van Rijsselberghe (Olympic gold medalist), Robbie Maddison (stunt rider) and Joel P.

Hi-speed train: I left California and their high-speed train fantasy, but an organization has been funded in Texas to investigate high-speed train from Dallas to Houston. The funding came from a Japanese company, naturally they have an interest in providing the train if it ever goes forward.