Business News Weekly ─ September 10, 2018

Apple may not the biggest for long. Amazon became the second with a market cap of $1 trillion, but it fell back during the week.

Amazon beefs its fleet of vans. It’s ordering 20,000 vans from Mercedes-Benz.

“Colleges offer price match on tuition” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Private school tuitions have really escalated in recent years. The new plan by a private university in Atlanta will match state school tuitions.

“Big tech in dock” ─ from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. It says the companies are attempting government intervention. Twitter and Facebook executives were on Capitol Hill this past week amid the growing debate over political bias in social media and search.

“A new way for Uber” ─ from an article in Bloomberg Magazine. It goes on to say the company is designing a scooter to keep up with the latest tech industry craze. In the past several months, Uber announced plans to integrate bike and scooter sharing services on its app, an acknowledgment that cars aren’t always the best form of urban transport

Remarkable, students back to school invasion in Boston, for a city of 700,000, to cram in 150,000 college students.

“Harvard remains on top” ─ from a Wall Street Journal report. Interesting there are only two Western schools that made the top 10, California Institute of Technology and Stanford.

Public colleges that achieved the highest ranking had the University of California Los Angeles at number 1 and three other California schools in the top 10. Texas had none in the top ten.

“Scandal puts MBAs in spotlight” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. The money graduate students borrow to finance their MBA education in 2016 had risen to $240 for medical students and $147,000 for law students. Temple University understated its burden its business students faced after graduation.