Business News Weekly ─ October 8, 2018

Uber Launches Scooter Service in Santa Monica. Uber is joining the rush into the electric scooter market today, and has launched its JUMP scooter service in Santa Monica, letting its Uber users reserve its scooters for a ride across town. Uber–like Bird, Lime, and Lyft–is offering up its scooters for $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute, although riders can ride the scooters for free until October 7th. The launch in Santa Monica is the very first from Uber into the on-demand scooter market.

Governor  Brown California signed a law that requires that the Board of Directors have a minimum number of woman.

MBA programs in America see a drop in students for the fourth straight year.  Apparently having trouble luring students with lucrative jobs in a growing economy.

“Finally, for Apple Watch” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal by Joanna Stern. One of the very few positive views of the Apple watch I have seen.

Mush was removed as Chairman of the Board, not the CEO. This means he could be removed by the Board. In addition, Tesla had to pay $40 million in the SEC settlement.

Apples notches win over Qualcomm, where Qualcomn wanted to prevent iPhone sales with the Intel chip.

“Intel Strains to meet PC demand” ─  from An article in the Wall Street Journal. Who, said PCs are dying in the marketplace?

“Coding schools, colleges join forces” ─  from an article in the Wall Street Journal coding boot camps and liberal arts colleges are starting to band and together mixing the technical skills with the more traditional college course to round out students’ experiences.