Business News Weekly ─ October 7, 2019 

Apple plans to release movies and cinema before streaming TV. In Apple commercials for the movies, there are some very interesting subjects.

Microsoft bets on hardware. Company’s new dual screen surface is a safer move than previous efforts.

Microsoft returns to smart phones, with their new wireless devices to include two with dual foldable screens; a Google collaboration.

Safety features flunk driving tests. AAA warns drivers shouldn’t overly rely on pedestrian–detection systems.

Amazon advances grocery – store plan. The commerce giant plans to open a chain as it increases its offline presence. I wonder if this will compete with their owned Whole Foods?

Google draws scrutiny on web protocol, as investors examined whether new standard gives the search giant a competitive edge.

Tesla’s diminishing returns, as analysts expect higher vehicle deliveries, but full results may tell different story.

GM Strike opens new front in the battery wars. The Detroit automaker could help build the first unionized cell production plant in the US. The battery cell production capacity by region has China way out in front with four times Europe and the US.