Business News Weekly ─ October 29, 2018

Tesla record profits ─ much to surprise the so called experts, it give Musk back some of the lost image this year.

2.8 million students online are getting their undergraduate degree.

“Cheaper iPhone XR strikes the right number” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Author Johannes Stern pitched back in September to wait for lower priced iPhone XR runs around $750 versus the iPhone XS Max starts at $1100.

“Big Tech Hardware Love Affair from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says the world’s largest technology companies are selling more devices than ever but only Apple makes more money. Apple sells over $40 billion of the Apple iPad and Mac, whereas Microsoft sells less than $5 billion. Sampson is still the number one iPhone market share with 21% with Apple is at 15%.

“Facial recognition for fish” from an article in Bloomberg magazine. BioSortAS has a scanner that can tell salmon apart based on distinct patterns of spots around their eyes mouth and gills. Apparently it will help identify, quarantine and treat sick fish before they spread disease and Infestations such as sea lice, which can cause the industry more than $1 billion a year.

“China’s New Retail” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. This includes a car vending machine, a smile for password recognitions, factory brands and the return of the automatic. This last item called my attention because I grew up Philadelphia with H&H automatic was one of my favorite restaurants.

“Tech Startups Stoke the Market for IPOs─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. After years of remaining on the stock market sidelines, a number of highly valued Silicon Valley technology companies are now gearing up to go public as soon as next year.