Business News Weekly ─ October 1, 2018

Bezos startup scores and in contract. This will be providing engines for potential rivals next generation rocket. He is involved in his company space X, and I wonder running Amazon and their acquisitions, where does he find the time.

SEC investigating Tesla tells Musk to resign as CEO. The SEC is investigating a Twitter that Musk put out saying he had funding to take the company private, and this hasn’t happened

Opportunities to invest in private companies is growing. Again, the SEC is allowing this to happen and basically it is letting lower income people to buy shares in private companies.

QUALCOMM steps up Apple feud.  The chip company alleges iPhone maker shared confidential files with rival supplier Intel

Throttling the 5G Internet, from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. The global race to 5G wireless Internet is on, but some cities are throttling the deployment with extortionist’s fees. The self-serving behavior from local politicians has become so egregious that it’s prompting welcome intervention by the Federal Communications Commission.

Instagram founders to step down. Apparently Facebook’s management believes they can run the company better.