Business News Weekly ─ November 5, 2018 

“Apple lifts prices on MacBook Air, iPad Pro” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Both more expensive versions of the SMAC personal computers and a redesigned iPad. At the same time, the iPhone XR is the cheapest of the three new models Apple introduced this year, at $749. The iPhone 8 models are still the biggest percentage of phone sales for Apple.

“Many grads underemployed after college” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says, with some statistics, the percentage of college graduates whose first job does not require a college degree is engineering at 29%, followed by business management and marketing at 47% and personal and culinary services way up at 81% – to not get a job based on their degree. Kind of alarming.

“US tech firms keep R&D edge” ─ from an article Wall Street Journal. This refers to spending dollars, whereas the Chinese often spend less because they’ve sought to innovate more through acquisitions than with in-house research. I also believe they spend less because they steal technology from the US.

Snap said it has helped register more than 400,000 voters, mostly in Georgia, Florida and other battleground states.

“IBM to buy Red Hat for $33 billion” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. The tech giant has sought to revamp by focusing on artificial intelligence and cloud computing. IBM has been struggling in recent years.

AT&T tests 5G hotspot in Waco. Dallas-based AT&T continues to view Waco as a fertile testing ground for a new futuristic technology. They are claiming worldwide first last week as it successfully connected a mobile hotspot to a 5G network in Waco. Unfortunately, I have Verizon.