Business News Weekly ─ May 6, 2019 

Innovation section in the Bloomberg magazine. They say your next salad might include leafy greens grown by robots in California greenhouses. About 75% of the lettuce farmed in the US comes from that state Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley.  Startups such as Iron Knocks, a maker of agricultural robots, and big players such as John Deere are investing in artificial intelligence. to raise produce more efficiently.

“For China’s youth, shopping is social” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. It goes on to say they’re dodging not only physical stores but conventional e-commerce sites. Millions of shoppers were born after 1996, known as generation Z, who are starting to upset China’s sprawling retail industry.

At the same time from the same magazine, A new crop of mall rats. Gen Zers in US don’t mind frequently shopping centers, as long as their visits are integrated with social media – and their phones.

Chinese clients pay big in college scheme. A family from China is believed to have given $6.5 million to get her child into Stanford.

“Shark tank entrepreneurs face copycats, suits” ─ from an article Wall Street Journal. Attacks come not just from the’ sharks’, the popular ABC program but also from copycats who start selling knockoffs of ideas they see pitched on show.

“Wisconsin town still waiting on Foxconn’s new factory” ─ from the Wall Street Journal. Public officials have spent hundreds of millions of dollars clearing the way for Foxconn to build its planned $10 billion factory in southeast Wisconsin, but the Taiwanese company has yet to hold up its end of the deal.

As Foxconn has been lagging on its building and hiring commitments, some residents are questioning the billions of dollars in subsidies the town and state sunk into the proposal.