Business News Weekly ─ March 4, 2019 

FCC chief says US has early 5G lead. The US top telecommunications regulator said US companies are the front runners in the global race to build this–generation wireless networks.

Microsoft employees are circulating a petition demanding the company drop a Pentagon contract for an augmented – reality system. They say this will turn “welfare into a simulated video game” further distracting soldiers from the grim stakes of war and bloodshed.

SEC says Musk broke the Pack relating to the agreement he made on his twitter’s.

India’s E-Commerce crackdown. New rules will force Amazon and Walmart’s flip cart to make big changes in the way they sell, from an article in the Bloomberg magazine.

“Google’s wireless plan is a work in progress”  from an article in the Wall Street Journal by David Pierce

“Space startup aims to link satellites to cell phones” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. A tiny space startup is striving to demonstrate the feasibility of transmitting data – and eventually perhaps voice messages – directly from small satellites in orbit to regular cell phones on the ground. The name of the company, UbiquitiLlink Inc.

“Goldman, Apple set card launch” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. iPhone features will help users manage money in companies that seek new revenue.

Pinterest has confidentially filed paperwork for initial public offering, which is expected to value the company which operates a platform for online–image searches, at $12 billion.