Business News Weekly ─ June 10, 2019

“Amazon fires right back at Walmart in fast–delivery war” ─ from an article Wall Street Journal. The next day delivery war is underway. Amazon on Monday said it has more than 10 million products available for free one-day delivery to prime members in the USA, the latest salvo against Walmart.

Full-time M.B.A. programs dwindle several universities are canceling MBA programs and counseling concentrating one more graduate curriculum.

“The apps are watching” ─ from a report in the Wall Street Journal. It says try to relax: Your meditation app knows where you live. Columnist Joanna Stern tested 80 apps and found that they were sharing realms of her personal data. It says again apps Apple loves are spying on us.

“If the economy booms, software will be why” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It calls it the triumph of software. Software is the fastest growing category of business investment returning Microsoft top market – value rankings.

FedEx snafu blamed on Huawei. Changes made to comply with U.S limits caused missed routed packages.

Google gets ready for legal fight as U.S. weights an antitrust probe.