Business News Weekly ─ July 8, 2019

“Design guru’s exit marks Apple shift”  from an article in the Wall Street Journal. The departure of design chief Jony Ive exemplifies the iPhone maker moving to services from product development. In recent months the iPhone business is not growing as spectacular as it used to. I sat on the Board of an $800 million public company with the majority sales were manufactured, were for the guts of Apple’s phone products. We asked ourselves a couple times, what happens if the phone has no more applications to make it worth buying.

Stark X valued at $1 billion, as it closes on $110 million funding round. Amazing this is just another company in an existing marketplace for streetwear, handbags, watches and other goods.

“Amazon adds Rite Aid pickup option”  from an article in the Wall Street Journal. is adding another option for customers to get packages: pick them up at Rite Aid stores. That’s 1500 Rite Aid stores.

“US leads in deals as the world lacks” from an article in the Wall Street Journal. A flurry of mergers and big initial public offerings has the US as a runaway success story in global deal making, in contrast to sluggish activity in Europe and Asia.

“US reprieve may be limited” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. US tech firms have complained to the administration about harm from the ban. The President’s decision to allow US products to be sold to Huawei Technologies eases the administration’s toughest measure against the hobbled Chinese tech champion.

Automakers slept in the first half. Rising prices hurt new–car demand as US buyers look for deals on used car lots. The same time Tesla lifted its deliveries to a record. The automaker delivered 95,200 vehicles in three months that ended June 30, the company said.

“Walmart uses virtual reality before promoting workers”  from an article in the Wall Street Journal. When some Walmart store workers want to apply for a higher-paying management role, the company fits them with a $250 virtual – reality headset to see if they are the right candidate for the job.