Business News Weekly ─ July 29, 2019

Apple nears to acquire Intel’s phone–chip business. This could hurt QUALCOMM.

Netflix reported a surprise loss of US customers in the second quarter, renewing concern about its growth prospects. No doubt every time I turn around there’s a new company to compete with them.

“This Zillion Dollar Convenience Store” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. As a reminder, seven years ago, Jeff Bezos started an ambitious effort to rid the world of checkout lines. The question is, has Amazon invented a new retail paradigm or ridiculously expensive way to sell lunch?

Amazon seeks more brand control. The program gives the retailer the right to acquire merchants’ articles sold on this platform as they offer independent merchants on this platform marketing support, product reviews and prominent display.

Microsoft is floating thanks to the cloud. No doubt this helped a focus on cloud computing to help Microsoft be the most valuable company in the world.

$5 billion penalty imposed on Facebook for privacy violations put big tech on notice that any company failing to protect consumer information may now face greater legal risk than previously. Zuckerberg is actually required to certify compliance that they’re taking the necessary steps to protect consumer privacy. Just an example the government pressures the giant technology companies as this sends a message to them.

Softbank group is expected to invest $40 billion is new technology megafund.

Trump touts tech backing on Huawei. Surprisingly this showed a solidarity to the restrictions on the sale to the Chinese company. The big surprise to me is chief executives of QUALCOMM Inc. Intel and the Alphabet unit and four other companies met with Mr. Trump.