Business News Weekly ─ July 15, 2019

“France approves tax on large tech firms”  ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It added lawmakers shrug off US probe of whether new levies discriminate against American firms. But you know they do.

IBM closes its biggest deal ever. $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat will shape company’s cloud strategy. Remember when IBM dominated the technology marketplace. Now you hardly see anything about them.

“The iPad finally has what it takes to become your main PC” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal by David Pierce. He talks about the new version of iPad software called iPadOS. He says it gives the iPad new powers, and it makes it more useful for multitasking.

Branson’s space unit to go public. Virgin Galactic would be the first listed firm with plans to put tourists into orbit. Just about anything possible is going to go after an IPO if big enough.

WeWork Cos. plans pre–IPO debt sale. More and more there are more creative ways for companies facing IPOs, then dealing with the normal way. The money–losing office space manager is seeking to raise as much as $3 billion.

“Amazon’s deal run faces hurdle” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. The government spotlight is a threat as concerned about clout tech companies intensify. The government is out to slow the pace.

Grocers swap cashiers for cameras. In London Tesco PLC, one of the world’s largest supermarket operators demonstrated technology recently to investors claiming it is one of the retail’s biggest ideas for making shopping at its physical stores more convenient.