Business News Weekly ─ January 7, 2019 

China is also having problems with their manufacturing output. It reduced the manufacturing for first time in several years. Automobile sales in China dropped causing foreign firms to idle some of their factories. I do believe that any drop in China’s growth will be a global problem.

High-tech companies are still hurting the stock market. With many gains early in 2018, they have wiped their gains in their stock prices. I wonder if this new announcement from Apple, they missed their forecast growth, will make things even worse going forward, because Apple’s is a significant part of the high tech industry and it would not surprise me if they scare many other companies in their growth plans

Tesla orders $2000 drop in auto prices. Of course the move raised concern among investors about the sales of the new compact sedan.

“Employers offer to pay for college” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Companies are footing the bill for higher education to retain talent that is expensive to attract.

Another article says the defense industry is really hurting for skilled workers, like welders.

There’s an increase in teachers leaving their profession because of better jobs.

300,000 jobs were added in December in the national work force. Retailer’s like Target and Walmart had the highest growth in years so the consumers continue to drive the economy.

What’s in a name? For MasterCard, not enough to keep it in the logo. The company is removing the word Mastercard from the pair of interlocking red and yellow circles where it has resided for more than 50 years.