Business News Weekly ─ January 28, 2019

Hi Tech companies are starting to pick up a little again, but Amazon is still number one time this market capitalization.

Amazon is pushing delivery service by utilizing, delivers from the manufacturer to the customer.

Millennial’s have been credited with upending entire industries, and retail is no exception. Here are what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from maturing generation of digital shoppers. See article in eMarketer Retail.

“Millennial women are waiting for a job recovery” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. It goes on to say among younger Americans, the mail – female gap in labor force participation is the smallest it’s ever been.

Tesla stays in the news and will be making more job cuts. They say they’re determined to eventually offer the Model 3 for $35,000.

“China’s fakes get harder to spot” ─ from an article in Bloomberg magazine. It says after a crackdown counterfeiters try selling through messaging apps to avoid detection. China has come down hard on this world renowned counterfeiting industry in recent years.

McDonald’s lost its trademark on a big Mac in Europe and the long dispute with Irish chain Supermacs. McDonalds plans to appeal.

“America’s top digital cities” ─ from an article Wall Street Journal, by Christopher Mims in December 15-16th newspaper. It’s not only Amazon that did this for more talent, but Apple’s going to invest $1 billion in the Austin Texas area and Google’s going to have a campus in West Los Angeles.