Business News Weekly ─ January 20, 2020

Bezos Vows $1 Billion for Amazon India – after a major investment in China, no doubt he plans to be the major EV manufacturer in the world.

“Skilled workers score sweeter perks to move” ─ from an article in The Wall Street Journal.

“Tech giants market gains propel from a risky investments” ─ from an article in The Wall Street Journal. It’s what’s called FANG stocks – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Attorney General Barr calls on Apple to unlock suspects iPhone, Florida shooting called terrorism.

“Five things that will make phones better” ─ from an article in The Wall Street Journal.

  1. Invisible Buttons
  2. Electric Fuel
  3. Better Barometric
  4. Body Camouflage
  5. Closer Voice Assistant

“DoorDash takes the lead in the food delivery wars as the landscape dramatically shifts in 2019” ─ from CNBC. DoorDash’s rapid growth in 2019 allowed it to edge past Grubhub to become the leader in digital food delivery, according to data from analytics firm Second Measure.

Doordash captured a third of all digital food delivery sales in the U.S. market last year, Second Measure said. That put it on top of Grubhub, which had 32% of sales in the category.  Uber Eats followed with a 20% share, and was trailed by Postmates, with 10%.

“U.S. housing starts at 13-year high, factory output gains” ─ from Reuters. U.S. homebuilding surged to a 13-year high in December as activity increased across the board, suggesting the housing market recovery was back on track amid low mortgage rates, and could help support the longest economic expansion on record.