Business News Weekly ─ February 4, 2018

Apple’s iPhone troubles persist. Tough earnings report comes as firm deals with eavesdropping glitch on Face Time.

Shift for visas for skilled workers. Trump’s administration made changes to how the coveted visas for high skilled foreign workers are allocated, to boost the number awarded to people with advanced degrees from US universities to stay in the US,

“Amazon’s TV ad place increases for the Super Bowl” ─  from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Super Bowl still draws a giant audience and the average price of a 30 second in game time has reached $5 million. Amazon will air two spots and other tech giants are also upping their spending on TV commercials.

“The Unicorns are coming” ─  from an article in Bloomberg magazine. It goes on to say that private companies that have held off for years going public, including high tech list of technologies are a widely expected IPO to market 2019.

“Innovation”  from an article in Bloomberg magazine from Xvision. All the medics surgical x-ray specs really augmented – reality headset that superimposes CT scans and other images over patient’s body, helping surgeons to map an operation without looking away.

“Tech survival tips from Gen Z” ─  from an article in the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Mims. He goes on to say they’ve been online their whole lives. Now, these young adults describe how they navigate our tech obsessed world. They been called plurals, post millennial’s, even iGen.

“Robots get new retail job” ─  from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Retail that have been using robot for inventory in warehouses and are now testing whether machines can handle new task: detecting when store shelves need restocking.