Business News Weekly ─ December 9, 2019

Harvard student workers strike as talks fail. Graduate student workers at Harvard went on strike as they were unable to reach agreement with the Ivy League school over contract issues including pay, health coverage and protections against sexual harassment and discrimination. So this is probably the start of graduate students becoming unionized crossed the country

Black Friday online sales at $7.4 billion – smart phones were up also as part of at $2.9 billion was utilized.

Cyber Monday sales hit $9.4 billion in the US alone, with smart phones accounting for three point million dollars of that.

Huawei gets tougher with the critics and interesting enough they say now they can build their product without US parts.

Tesla cyber truck unveiling goes off script, as Musk touted the new truck will have unbreakable window glass. It was demonstrated by throwing a steel ball at the windows, but two situations the glass broke.

A report from the Wall Street Journal on the Wall Street Journal management top 250 best managed companies. Amazon takes the top spot followed by tech giants Microsoft and Apple, with Alphabet system following along with Cisco systems.

“Boot Barn CEO on plans to double store count to 500: Western fashion is a ‘massive retail opportunity’” ─ from CNBC. The California-based workwear and lifestyle retailer has nearly 250 stores peppered across 33 states in all regions except the Northeast, which is where CEO Jim Conroy told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Friday that he has his eye on for expansion.

“We’ve mapped out the whole country, state by state, and we’ve gotten to a number of exactly 250 — doubling to 500,” Conroy said in a “Mad Money” interview. “So we think we can double the store count. Soon to be in Pennsylvania, so we’re getting closer and closer to New York, and hopefully we’ll have investors going.”