Business News Weekly ─ December 17, 2018

MICROSOFT haspassed APPLE with a capital value at $840 billion versus $811.

GM unplugsbreakthrough electric vehicle. The VOLT was introduced in 2010, and less than 20,000were sold in this year. Actually, VOLT was number five against other electric vehiclemanufactures with Tesla number 1 at 100,000 vehicles sold.

Lyft moves closer to 2019 listing. This IPO will probably be out sooner than Uber IPO, and make LYFT more competitive.

Apple told to hold some sales in China, Chinese court orders Apple Inc. to stop selling older iPhone models, after finding the company infringing patents held by QUALCOMM Inc.

Making college pay off, from an article in the Wall Street Journal. About 40% of students who enroll in a four year colleges and universities don’t graduate within 6 years, according to new data from the Education Department. Unfortunately, if students don’t get a degree, they emerge without a degree and with debt.

Calculating the risk of higher education, from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Nearly 70% of high school graduates go to college which is up from years ago. Students on average have more than twice as much debt as they did 20 years ago.

Graduates that start out underemployed in their first job, find it can becomes very difficult to get their appropriate education

Zeal to sell for scooters tails off. Startups reduce fundraising goals amid problems with vandalism and repairs.