Business News Weekly ─ December 10, 2018

“Space X sets a satellite record” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It says a successful rocket launch Monday by Elon Musk’s Space X mark between those milestones for the company’s drive to ease access for commercial satellites in orbit. It was this 19th launch this year.

“BOTS are online – M.B.A. essential” ─ from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It goes on to say as business schools struggle to lure young professionals out of the hot US job market, more of promoting online MBAs is a twist: they are promoting the convenience of the virtual degree, both with social – networking benefits of a traditional line.

Millennials have been labeled as “fall guy” for many brands and products losing their luster. In 2018 alone adults ranging in age from 18 – 35 years old have been blamed for sales declining in canned tuna, American cheeses, homeownership and motorcycles.

Amazon stirs unease with medical sales from an article in the Wall Street Journal Medication, personal–health goods and vitamins account for a growing share of the fast – growing online retail market which is outpacing brick-and-mortar drugstore growth.

Apple takes top honors. In the Drucker Institute second annual ranking of the best manage companies, Amazon comes in at number two followed by Microsoft.

“The Future of Everything, A look ahead” ─ from the Wall Street Journal. Report

Upward mobility – don’t call them fine cars – – a new breed of electric aerial vehicle is on the rise. They’re called Aeromobiles. Also known as vehicle takeoff – and – landing vehicles, or the VTOLs. These machines are poised to profoundly change our world as soon as the federal aviation administration figures out what to call them, how to regulate them and where they should be allowed to fly.