Business News Weekly ─ August 26, 2019

“So far, the techlash has only made Facebook stronger” ─ from an article in Bloomberg Magazine. It says the company’s privacy settlement with the FTC gave it to cover on anti-trust and other issues.  At the same, time the $5 billion settlement with the US Federal Trade didn’t seem to hurt Facebook very much.

Walmart adds to sales run as rival’s lag. Grocery and online contributed to the strong quarter outlook boost.

“The great student–loan scheme” ─ from an editorial in the Wall Street Journal. It goes on to say the magnitude of federal budget losses is becoming clearer. In the New York Federal Reserve Quarterly, it showed Americans are defaulting on their student loans, and the government budget gnomes have vastly underestimated the future tax payer charge.

Dominoes goes it alone on delivery against the trend towards outside companies making the deliveries for restaurants. I believe it’s remarkable, that sales are leading revenue for pizza chains at $6.6 billion. Surprising to me, is they have 6000 stores domestically, and 11,000 stores total including international.

“The diminishing returns of tech IPOs” ─  from an article Wall Street Journal. Reason startup offerings tend to be less profitable, slower –growing and more aggressively priced than their predecessors.

States plan probe of tech firms. Investigation would put additional scrutiny on an industry already under federal.

Walmart alleges Tesla solar panels cause fires and is suing them.

“Tumblr and the death of the old Internet”  from report in the Wall Street Journal. With an adult–content problem and only the vaguest idea how to make money. Tumblr was easy prey for trends bigger than itself. Right now Tumbler has more users them both Instagram and Pinterest, and providing $200 billion to parent Facebook.