Business News Weekly ─ August 19, 2019

FedEx Amazon part ways over delivers. This is the risk for FedEx parting ways with one of the world’s largest biggest shippers.

At the same time UPS, Amazon bet worth the risk, as they have decided growth alongside one of the world’s largest shippers or have a looming competitor.

Microsoft poaches rival’s celebrity gamer. ‘Ninja’ Blevins was biggest star on streaming service owned by Amazon

“Resumes are starting to look like Instagram and Tinder” ─ from a Wall Street Journal. Gen Z applicants add photos and illustrations;’ there’s a freaking bitmoji.

Uber Is feeling post–IPO blues. Uber technologies Inc. joined the illustrious group Friday as its shares tumbled. Many of the most anticipated technology IPOs in the past decade have also disappointed investors, after reporting first quarterly results after the IPO.

At the same time, Lyft lands riders, raises outlook for the year.

Can Amazon break outside the box? E-commerce has buoyed the paper industry for years by increasing demand for cardboard boxes. So what happens when online stores decide to cut costs by shipping packages in fewer and smaller containers. For the record, new paperboards supply has reached 45 million tons annually.