Business News Weekly ─ August 12, 2019

Spotify gains users in podcast boom. They now have 232 million active users each month. The music – streaming giant improve long-term retention of its listeners and broaden its podcasting businesses.

QUALCOMM cuts force forecast, citing China. They warmed the multiple challenges in China that are hurting its outlook, including a ban on exports to Huawei Technologies, and a sharp drop in smart phone sales.

Valuation of $1 trillion stays out of reach of Apple. The markets have been hurting lately so Apple closed the other day where the company was capitalized at $963 billion.

Amazon’s pharmacy faces push back. Amazon’s foray into the pharmacy business is causing the company to clash with entrenched industry incumbents that are putting roadblocks in front of the company’s growth plans. 

“Amazon, Facebook, and Google are likely to become the subject of fraud antitrust review” ─ from an article in Bloomberg Magazine.

Gopart, the last company in the S&P 500 without a female director, named one to their Board.

“China’s Generation Z is hooked on credit” ─ from an article in Bloomberg Magazine. Banks, fintechs and peer-to-peer lenders are aggressively courting cash – strapped young consumers.