Business News Weekly ─ April 29, 2019

“Samson puts foldable smart phone on hold” from an article in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently they have technical problems, so they stopped the plan for a near term lunch. By the way it would be priced at around $2000.

“Unicorns can’t IPO fast enough to repay backers” from an article in Bloomberg magazine. This year for companies over $1 billion value, the IPO’s are near the record since the–com bubble early in the decade.

Verizon puts plans for a 5G fee on hold. This will be for an indefinite. They were charging subscribers a $10 dollar a month for the faster 5G smart phone service.

Starbucks increases sales in its biggest markets. Starbucks beat profit expectations during its most recent quarter and posted profits for growth this year. At the same time revenue growth slowed down.

Amazon profit rises sharply as company reports record $3.56 billion, but one concern is slowing revenue growth. At the same time revenue growth slowed down.

Venmo had more than 40 million individuals using their pay service in the past 12 months.

Uber lowers price range for IPO, and this will be a valuation range of $80 billion-$90 billion for its initial public offering.