Business News Weekly ─ April 22, 2019

“Apple, QUALCOMM end legal feud” ─ in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Settlement dismisses all litigation related to the companies battle over patent royalties for years.

Pinterest shares rise 28% jumps 72% above IPO pricing levels.

Netflix sees US consumer growth slowdown.

Uber pace price for food delivery, noted in the document to go public. It’s that it’s food delivery arm Uber Eats, will be an area of heavy investment for some time.

T-Mobile, Sprint deal runs in the US resistance where the government is saying, as structured now, it will not be approved.

Tesla won’t stop dreaming big. The electric – automaker halted online sales of its $35,000 version of the model three sedan. The about-face is the latest signed a Tesla is struggling to live up to its promise as a mass-market auto manufacturer

“Investing in college grants – literally” ─ from an article in Bloomberg Magazine. New financial instruments let students sell a share of their future earnings instead of borrowing.