Business News Weekly — July 16, 2018

Uber is riding the scooter bandwagon. The ride-hailing giant just announced its investment in Lime, one of the two leading dockless scooter and bike rental companies, as part of a $335M round led by Google’s venture-capital arm. Lime is the largest domestic startup in this space, with vehicles in 70+ markets and over 35,000 scooters, bicycles, and e-bikes deployed. Is Uber’s plan to become the Amazon of transportation?

Voice chat is a way of the future, from an article in the Wall Street Journal by David Pierce. He says apparently a new type of chat is sitting right under our noses. It’s called voice messaging and deserves a place alongside text and video as core parts of how we chat in the digital age

Google had announced that the search giant was going to give customers tools to help them limit the time they spend on smart phones, for the idea was to help promote their digital well-being.

When it comes to smart phones just what is unlimited, from an article in the Wall Street Journal by Betsy Morris. The carriers are all touting unlimited data but this is up to a point. If it’s unlimited why do the carriers keep offering new plans like Unlimited & More and Unlimited & More Premium and GoUnlimited, and BeyondUnlimited?

There is a hot M&A market on a pace for the record. Deals for $2.35 trillion have already been announced for 2018. The court decision on AT&T make conditions ripe for more deals. Deals over $50 billion are becoming comment.   The Sprint/T-Mobile merger is still going on. A combination of them will approach one hundred million subscribers and could move into number two behind Verizon, the leader ahead of AT&T.

The tariff dialogue continues to go on and there is no doubt it will impact consumer products. An impact on consumer products could slow down the economy as it is growing quite helpfully. At the same time, the carriers have raised administrative charges. It’s amazing that in today’s service markets, $1.50 fee can add several millions of dollars a year for a company.