Busting $10 Million Series

A collection of books dedicated to enhancing managers understanding of all operating disciplines, including finance, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing particularly related to growth.

The Anatomy Of A Growing Company

This book is to give growing company managers an idea of what lies ahead to support their new experiences to limit the slowing down of the growth by speeding up the learning curve.  – $5 Digital Copy Available

The Laws of Management Physics – A Handbook for Hands On Managers

A bible for indicating the cultural changes ahead for growing companies. The 51 Laws and the chapter on Management Lies – A View from the Top provides an insight not often understood by the inexperienced managers. – $5

The Anatomy of a Growing Company (2nd Edition)

This book is to give growing company managers an idea of what lies ahead to support their new experiences to limit the slowing down of the growth by speeding up the learning curve. A section on Startups has been added. – $10

 The Laws Of Management Physics – A Guide

The LOMP Guide presents in basic form 100 laws that can help managers make the changes in the culture that are needed for successful growth. The LOMP Guide presents basic hands-on experience for a growing or changing manager. – $5

Finance: It’s Not Just For Bean Counters Anymore!

All you ever wanted to know about Finance without Having to Bridge the GAAP! A true epistle for non-financial managers, but also a perspective that may be different for financial personnel. – $5

Marketeer or Pied Piper, Salesman or Con-Artist?

Managing Growth through Marketing. Dadamo professes that much of marketing is common sense and tries to break-down the barriers that Marketing and Sales people establish because they have access to the customer. – $5

Will The Real Inventory Please Stand Up & Be Counted?

This book is dedicated to the many manufacturing managers who are constantly beat up for having oversized inventories when upper management doesn’t understand how much of the inventory they have no control over. – $5

Planning: As Exciting As It Gets, Or Plans Were Born To Be Changed Cover

Planning: As Exciting As It Gets, Or Plans Were Born To Be Changed

This book is a guide to help emphasize the importance of planning for all aspects of business. – $5

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Book Recommendations

Starting An Online Business For Dummies - 7th Edition

Have a computer, an Internet connection, and a dream? Then, you're already on your way to starting your very own online business. This fun and friendly guide can help you turn your big idea into big bucks whether you're expanding your real-world storefront online or creating your own virtual startup. Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 7th Edition will show you how to identify a market need, choose a web hosting service, implement security and privacy measures, open up shop, and start promoting to the world.

  • Covers the latest trends and techniques for online discoverability - from social media marketing to search engine rankings, online couponing to optimization for mobile devices, and beyond
  • Highlights business issues that are of particular concern to online entrepreneurs
  • Walks you through the best practices of successful online businesses, including customer service, marketing, analytics, and website optimization tools
  • Provides advice on choosing an e-commerce platform, protecting your domain name, securing trademarks, working with vendors and distributors, and keeping your customer's personal data safe

There's no time like now to start a new endeavor and no guide like Starting an Online Business For Dummies, 7th Edition to get your online business going.

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"How To Value a Business"

Written By: Frank M. Singer

A booklet that provides an incredibly simple and accurate method of valuing any kind of business including start-ups.

How to Value a Business will guide the reader through surprisingly simple exercises and techniques on how to value your own business or one you wish to acquire.

Frank Singer has found that the one single thing people have trouble with is placing a value on a business. Mr. Singer explains that businesses have three valuations: liquidity value, the value of its stock and its ongoing business values. It is the ongoing business value that is the essence of his book.

You will see through his formulas and examples how to evaluate the bottom line and determine a return on your investment.

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Basic Berkonomics

What’s so basic about entrepreneurism? How do you become a power entrepreneur? How much of it is in your genes and how much can be learned? This book is your resource for your life of entrepreneurism, from start to successful exit, supplying important insights into the entire process. This is the first in a series of BERKONOMICS books for entrepreneurs of all stages.

Dave Berkus (Author), with guest authors, including Eric Greenspan, John Huston, David Steakley, Bill Payne, Frank Peters, Basil Peters, Richard Sudek, J.J. Richa and David S. Rose and more.

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"Start On Purpose: Everything You Need to Know and Do to Startup With Strength"

Everyone says that starting a business is “hard.” Well, it can be hard for everyone else, but it doesn’t have to be for you. When you Start On Purpose, important decisions will come easier, first customers will come faster, board members and funding sources will want to support you, and your dreams of leading a successful company will become more real. More opportunities will open up to your business because you will know where to find them and how to pursue them with confidence. Start On Purpose really works. This empowering book is based on venture finance expert Susan Schreter’s research on the most common issues, misunderstandings, surprises, regrets, and legal gotchas that confront high-tech and low-tech entrepreneurs during their first years in business –essentially everything that makes starting a business so hard and frustrating. Start On Purpose is written for ambitious innovators who want to know more, achieve more and earn more than the average new business owner. With Start On Purpose’s comprehensive action step format, you’ll know what to do first, second and third on a broad range of issues that matter to startups: business structure selection, fast revenue generation, product pricing, business model testing, branding, promotions, partnership agreements, stock issuances, trademarks and patents, legal issues, employee management, licensing, taxes and more.

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"The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company"

More than 100,000 entrepreneurs rely on this book for detailed, step-by-step instructions on building successful, scalable, profitable startups.  The National Science Foundation pays hundreds of startup teams each year to follow the process outlined in the book, and it's taught at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and more than 100 other leading universities worldwide.  Why?

The Startup Owner's Manual guides you, step-by-step, as you put the Customer Development process to work. This method was created by renowned Silicon Valley startup expert Steve Blank, acknowledged catalyst of the "Lean Startup" movement, and tested and refined by him for more than a decade.

This 608-page how-to guide includes over 100 charts, graphs, and diagrams, plus 77 valuable checklists that guide you as you drive your company toward profitability.

It will help you:

  • Avoid the 9 deadly sins that destroy startups' chances for success
  • Use the Customer Development method to bring your business idea to life
  • Incorporate the Business Model Canvas as the organizing principle for startup hypotheses
  • Identify your customers and determine how to "get, keep and grow" customers profitably
  • Compute how you'll drive your startup to repeatable, scalable profits.

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