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Blog: Acquisitions-Mergers

Blog: Acquisitions-Mergers Are you ready? One of my contacts asked if I could expand on my experience with mergers. There are numerous articles on stating the majority of mergers failing. Even the big guys like Hewlett Packard, with all the resources, fail badly in...

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Blog: Turnarounds—Before It Is Too Late!

Blog: Turnarounds—Before It Is Too Late! One of my disappointments being an angel investor for several years, as part of a group, was when I believed there were some occasions, when the group gave up too soon on a company. The action was there was no desire to put...

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Blog: Scaling for Growth

Blog: Scaling for Growth Thinking back each year I try to assess what can be done to better presentations, to increase my interest after another year of watching several presentations.  In many presentations given to investor groups, the founder/entrepreneur has 12...

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Blog: Ownership Beware, Danger Ahead

Blog: Ownership Beware, Danger Ahead When a company starts drifting to a self -styled business, stock options can become useless. Minority Ownership Minority ownership, in a self-style business or with a company that will never get to an equity transaction, can be...

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Blog: Management Fibs (Lies?)

Blog: Management Fibs (Lies?) Everyone has heard the now infamous, "The check is in the mail." If someone who owed YOU money said that, would you believe it? Management tells fibs, too -- below are some of my favorites. How often have heard you someone start a...

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Blog: Is It Really a Business?

Blog: Is It Really a Business? Besides being an Angel investor I have worked with student entrepreneurs at local universities. I run across many situations, where there isn’t an understanding of the difference between a product to build a business and a product that...

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Blog: Leadership from all Angles

Blog: Leadership from all Angles Imagine, expecting a rookie pitcher to come out of the bull pen in game seven in the World Series and expect to have him pitch a no-hitter. This can be likened to expecting an entrepreneur just out of school or one from leaving a...

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