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Do What You Do Best!! — Law #12

Do What You Do Best!! — Law #12 Doing what you do best is so obvious, yet this law is often violated because of the desire for new experiences and ego satisfaction. “Start up” presidents can get sidetracked from their missions by getting involved in building leases,...

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Blog: Don’t Turn An Investor Off!

Blog: Don't Turn An Investor Off! Reasons an Investor may not invest Just because the Entrepreneur thinks they have the greatest opportunity in the world, this doesn’t mean all the investors they talk to will jump in.  Whereas the entrepreneur will spend the 24 hour...

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Blog: There are Boards and There are Boards

Blog: There are Boards and There are Boards I have encountered startups who set up a Board of Directors with relatives and friends, who may be initial investors. This can be a dangerous practice if it continues to various growth stages of the company, for lack of...

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Plans Are Born To Be Changed!! — Law #10

Plans Are Born To Be Changed!! — Law #10 The process of planning can be more useful than the plan itself. Plans are most effective by putting most of the energy into the assumptions. Most plans die when there is no monitoring or follow to the planning activity. The...

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Blog — Where Does It All Start!

Blog — Where Does It All Start? Maybe the last word on Planning. A plan can only be developed if there is a purpose.  For instance, a sales strategy or a production run. For a company it starts at the top and there needs to be a vision and a mission.  My first...

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Blog – The Reality in Planning

Blog – The Reality in Planning By Dick Dadamo Last week my blog covered what I consider the myths and planning that if believed, can block doing a proper plan. Here is what I believe is needed for developing an Effective Plan.  Assumptions Are the Foundation for The...

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Blog: Let’s Knock Down the Myths

Blog: Let's Knock Down the Myths In my experience, the biggest drag on changing the culture to document plans are myths, that when believed, provide a rationale for never starting a formal plan. Unfortunately, it is tough enough even without myths to do your first...

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