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Blog—Will the Entrepreneur be Coachable?

Blog—Will the entrepreneur be coachable? I have been challenged more than once in working with young entrepreneurs, whenever I use the word ‘coachable’ and they always ask me to explain what that means. I used to tell them, every investor has a different feeling about...

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No Documented Agreement Is The Worst Kind!!

No Documented Agreement Is the Worst Kind!! Verbal agreements and implied understandings will play havoc with a relationship when it starts to come apart. It is important for a startup to document detail any commitment need to staff members, advisors and in particular...

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Blog: No Need to Be Frightened

Blog: No Need to Be Frightened Facing the Investors No doubt, a new entrepreneur may have many traumas, but one that can be avoided is that caused by facing investors for the first time who are strangers. I have tried following below to present what to expect to be...

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