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Business Ethics – Crossing the Line — Issue 2

Business Ethics – Crossing the Line — Issue 2  In working with student entrepreneurs I must admit at times it is difficult to define the difference in a business situation on whether it is good ethics, good culture or good management. In government, many politicians’...

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Blog: Finance — Not Just For Bean Counters

Finance — Not Just For Bean Counters This is my favorite title for my seminars for entrepreneurs. Numerous articles show the biggest reason for startups to fail is because of poor cash management. No doubt the very first thing needed for the entrepreneur is to prove...

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Valuation of Early-Stage Companies

It’s not impossible  Valuation of Early-Stage Companies I had the good fortune to attend the seminar by the Tech Coast Angels and presented by Bill Payne, of the Angel Resource Institute at Willamette University. Bill Payne is a world-class presenter, active angel...

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