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Blog: The Changed Gross Margin?

Blog: The Changed Gross Margin? In the physical product world, that I call touch and feel it has been established that the gross margin equals the revenue minus the cost of manufacturing the product that includes the cost of goods – the labor, material and overhead,...

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Blog: Breakeven—The Threshold for Success

Blog: Breakeven—The Threshold for Success Every time I get a call looking for help, I dig out a past blog thinking there may be others it might help. This time the topic will be Breakeven. Every company should have an understanding of its financial numbers that are...

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Blog: The Investor Mentality

Blog: The Investor Mentality Each category of investor has a different agenda. Here are my perceptions of debtors and investors, which I hope will help approach the task of raising capital more knowledgeably. Investors—An Overview To begin with, the famous complaint,...

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Blog: Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Blog: Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees Growth from zero revenue or accelerating present growth rates requires capital, and the higher the revenue growth desired, the more cash is required to support it. Don’t be fooled by the cliché that there are millions of...

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Blog: Mentors

Blog: Mentors The way I see it, a coach expands a person’s role, like helping someone in marketing to get better at marketing, but mentoring will expand the person’s role from one dimension to being an entrepreneur and running a company. A Mentor will: advise, guide,...

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