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Blog: Are You Really Ready To Sell?

September 18, 2017 Blog: Are You Really Ready to Sell?   At some point in time, to get a return on the investment, it will be necessary for a company to be faced with selling part or all of the company. This can be from day one for a startup, as a company needs more...

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Blog: It’s All About Mindset

It's All About Mindset I believe a startup is going to go through three very important mindsets. Number one is validating the dream, the idea, the concept, the product or service, any or all the above. Number two is the period for raising money. This can be a very...

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What the Heck is a Business Battle Rhythm?

What the Heck is a Business Battle Rhythm? As a reader of Sun Tzu and the Art of War, I have been applying the rules of warfare to business and marketing for more than 30 years (hard to believe it is that long but I started as a child prodigy!!). In warfare, there is...

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Blog: How Am I Doing?

Blog: How Am I Doing? A couple times a year I would like to explore the stock market and see how the top companies in what I consider the new technology market is doing. Following is comparing the market capitalization for each of these companies. They include: Apple...

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Blog: History of Entrepreneurship

Blog: History of Entrepreneurship Prior to 1950 expensive new projects originated from the large companies. Sure there were small companies and inventors but the kind of funds that were needed to form technology companies did not exist in that area. Of course this was...

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Blog: It’s All About Money

Blog: It’s All About Money I get to see up to 8 entrepreneur presentations to Angel investor groups each month and I keep identifying issues that I believe can help presentations attract investors. Entrepreneurs need to realize the odds of succeeding in raising money...

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