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Blog: The Lawyer as a Partner

Blog: The Lawyer as a Partner For a start-up, it is necessary and important to get legal help early in the process to get the legal information to protect your idea, minimize your personal and investors risks, optimize the organization costs, cover how to treat...

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Blog: The Often Misunderstood Lawyer

Blog: The Often Misunderstood Lawyer — Number Two in a series of Three blogs on Lawyers. Recently I was asked to help a student entrepreneur with a convertible note. Many startups do not realize whenever there is a major decision to be made with investors, be it a...

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Blog: Lawyer Is Not a Dirty Four-Letter Word

Blog: Lawyer Is Not a Dirty Four-Letter Word by Dick Dadamo | January 2018  I've worked with small businesses and startups for several years and in that time I've seen problems that could have been avoided if a lawyer had been brought in sooner. Following is the first...

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Trouble Getting Millennials To Sell?

    January 8, 2018  Trouble getting Millennials to Sell?  Pat McClure One of the biggest challenges companies face today is dealing with the Millennial generation (those under age 34).  While there are a huge number of articles and books on this broad management...

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Blog: Scaling for Growth — 3

Blog: Scaling for Growth — 3 After another year of watching over 100 presentations, I think back and try assess what can be done to increase interest and better the presentations. In many presentations given to investor groups, the founder/entrepreneur has 12 minutes...

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