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Blog: Communication ??

Blog: Communication ?? When dealing with Students, we challenge each other for the expressions to use in the current language. Since most were born after the Internet came on the scene, they are not familiar with the list down below. My point is, their language in a...

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Blog: Robust Growth Requires Change in Personnel

Blog: Robust Growth Requires Change in Personnel A growing company requires several different phases in operating and therefore it means having people who can continue to make changes in their skill and objectives. It is tough to make changes in the original team that...

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Blog: Elevator Speech

Blog: Elevator Speech The elevator speech—and the efforts beyond for raising money—are the most important personal sales activities an entrepreneur can experience. The cash phase starts with image. The elevator speech is a pitch and should show passion and confidence...

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Blog: Banks ─ Not as Friendly as You Believe

Blog: Banks ─ Not as Friendly as You Believe Two of the last three presentations I reviewed, assumed a bank loan would be available when their excel spread shows the timing. The first thing you need to understand about dealing with banks is that they are not...

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Blog: It’s all about Change

Blog: It’s all about Change The basics are needed for the foundation, but with the rapidly changing business environment, be alert to the changes that are needed to sustain success. Change, more than ever, is the key to successful growth in today’s economy. When a...

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Blog: It’s all about Cash!

Blog: It’s all about Cash! Blog – Cash Flow In a recent effort exploring the SCORE organization, it's may clear that small companies must prioritize cash above the profit. Cash is a must for startups or for small businesses planning robust growth, as expenses will...

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Blog ─ Motivation Going Forward

Blog ─ Motivation Going Forward One of the most difficult changes for a Founder/CEO is to recognize and learn there will a significant effort to motivate the staff and employees going forward. At some point in time a startup must take what I call the “third mindset”...

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