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Blog: Ethics — Crossing The Line

Blog: Ethics – Crossing The Line In government, politicians’ definition of ethics includes, hypocrisy, lying and B.S. In private life, it depends on upbringing and what a child sees around the house. In business, ethics is hard to define from bad management, but for...

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Blog: It’s All About Dadamo

Blog: It's All About Dadamo  About 40 percent of my several years in management was spent mentoring presidents of small companies, including several start-ups. Most of the companies I encountered had a president who was the owner or at least the majority shareholder....

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Blog: It’s All About Cash!

Blog: It’s All About Cash!  In all of my personal surveys with investors, I ask for this question, “What is the most likely reason for failure, if you have had failed investments.” By far, the answer by most is poor cash management. This means not raising enough money...

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Blog: Marketing Tips

Blog Marketing Tips By Dick Dadamo Marketing challenges have greatly changed in recent years with the Internet social media and apps. I believe the basic marketing philosophy and how it's utilized still makes a lot of sense. Following are many tips that I live with...

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