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Time Management — For Startups -2

Managing the important things needed to be done in the time available. In my recent workshops with many of the topics I seem to always get at least the same question, “Where do I find the time?” This was particularly true in my presentation on Benchmarking. The...

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Blog: Tips on Presentations – 5

Blog: Tips on Presentations – 5 Every time I see a presentation going downhill I wonder why the entrepreneur didn't seek some coaching or mentoring help. And in a recent one, the scientist entrepreneur was are so thrilled with his product, he never stressed the...

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Fewer Words, Greater Effect

How many of us use too many words to state our case, losing our audience in the process? And how much can a listener retain anyway? Those are good questions for this week's VERY short insight. Consider it, please. Fewer Words, Greater Effect I have a good business...

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Blog: Is It Really a Business?

Blog: Is It Really a Business? Besides being an Angel investor I work with student entrepreneurs at local universities. I have reviewed 18 presentations and incubator applications since January 1, 2017, regarding students. No doubt almost all of the product/services...

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Business Ethics – Crossing the Line — Issue 2

Business Ethics – Crossing the Line — Issue 2  In working with student entrepreneurs I must admit at times it is difficult to define the difference in a business situation on whether it is good ethics, good culture or good management. In government, many politicians’...

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