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Blog: Motivation Going Forward

Blog: Motivation Going Forward At some point in time, a startup must take to what I call the “third mindset” for developing a company. This will require building the staff’s staff and initiate motivation to reach the goals that will be different than the mindset of...

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Blog: Dadamo’s Take on Leadership

Blog: Dadamo’s Take on Leadership Imagine, expecting a rookie pitcher to come out of the bull pen in game seven in the World Series and expect to have him pitch a no-hitter. This can be likened to expecting an entrepreneur just out of school or one from leaving a...

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Blog: Are You Really Ready To Sell?

September 18, 2017 Blog: Are You Really Ready to Sell?   At some point in time, to get a return on the investment, it will be necessary for a company to be faced with selling part or all of the company. This can be from day one for a startup, as a company needs more...

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Blog: It’s All About Mindset

It's All About Mindset I believe a startup is going to go through three very important mindsets. Number one is validating the dream, the idea, the concept, the product or service, any or all the above. Number two is the period for raising money. This can be a very...

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What the Heck is a Business Battle Rhythm?

What the Heck is a Business Battle Rhythm? As a reader of Sun Tzu and the Art of War, I have been applying the rules of warfare to business and marketing for more than 30 years (hard to believe it is that long but I started as a child prodigy!!). In warfare, there is...

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