Blog: Marketing and the Web

It’s a given that the Internet, along with the myriad of social media networks, have created channels for marketing products. However, until the product actually gets out there and potential customers try it, it’s like selling an invisible unknown. Since many services may be as low as $5 per month, to “make a business” the company will be required to generate thousands of paying users of these cyberspace sources. Because of the wall between suppliers and customers, various methods must be tried to get the necessary feedback.

I work with two different sets of entrepreneurs. One of the students have a complete understanding of the Internet and social media. At the same time, they don’t know where to raise cash and the opportunity of entrepreneur programs in the college they attend or programs outside like startup Waco.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs haven’t had the advantage learning all about the Internet and social media on college. They have an idea and actually does require money in the beginning like a startup entrepreneur. Their goal is to build a business that they own and are slowly getting to use the Internet and social media.

On the other hand, there’s still small businesses and operating with very little activity on the Internet, but are successful, even though on a small basis.

When I was in California with a small business consulting company, I encouraged my clients to find a way to hire a recent graduate from one of the local universities. Worked on some occasions.

When the Internet first became popular within the investment world, many businesses depended upon it for their sales. Of course, the obvious question was, “How will you get customers to go to your site and look at every page?” Well, with the help of Google and Facebook, etc., the Web has developed even more quickly, thus providing a direct path from customer to supplier versus the actual physical product that a customer could see, touch, feel, try, and then, if interested, buy it—a very different approach to selling an application or service.

There are statistics still that say a customer still “shops” on the internet but when they may see something they like they seek out a store to go to, so they can touch and feel it.

There are estimates that the holiday shopping this year will exceed $1 Trillion. The direct sales will still have the majority with some help from “Black Friday.” but I am sure when the internet sales get to do it on the following Monday, you can bet it will break records.

I believe, based on my family, the overnight delivery, like from Amazon puts a package outside the front door almost daily.

Obviously, if an entrepreneur wants to build a company for great rewards for time and energy they to explore all the potential methods for marketing and sales. To reach the thousands of unseen customers requires whatever amount of experience and expertise an entrepreneur can obtain from advisors who have already been there. The entrepreneur who is happy to have a local business can get along for now, but they better keep looking over their shoulder for change.