Tips on the unknown!

Blog: Management Philosophy Tips – One Liners

The entrepreneur doing it for the first time has no way of knowing what lies ahead. Most of the early efforts are on the validation of the product or service and a presentation for raising money. When what knowing what lies ahead it is wise to get all the advice you can in the form of advisors. Following are tips on running a business.

  • Businessmen manage a business; Budget managers manage the numbers.
  • With customer bases for apps and social media products in the hundreds of thousands, it becomes more important than ever for customer services
  •  Sometimes it is easier to sell a bad product with good support than a good product with poor support.
  • A company drifting down is like a marriage in trouble: if it took 3 years to reach a low point, it will take three years to get back and usually the people involved don’t want to work at it.
  • In the early stages of a company’s growth, an owner’s mentality “drives” the company culture, but maturity occurs when leaders find they no longer need to carry the entire company on their shoulders.
  • When trying to raise money from investors keep in mind your priority is for eating,sleeping, and dedicated to living your vision but the investors has many opportunities – so you must first find ways to reduce the gap between priorities.
  • When you ship a product or provide a service that fit in their product or system even though it meets the agreed to specifications your attitude should be “we have a problem so let’s fix it together.”
  • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, Isaac Newton: so for every new delegation there should be a control.
  • A customer’s perception often can be more important than facts in selecting a product or service.
  • Companies can suffer more from a lack of good management bad decisions than from bad managers.
  • You can expect everything to take longer than you think.
  • Death and taxes are inevitable but I guarantee you time will also pass by so plan you precious time intelligently.