Blog: Confidentiality

Privacy, Yah! Confidentiality, Sure!

What a joke!

I installed a desk phone this year. I have yet to give anyone the phone number. I get 5 to 10 phone calls every day, from numbers I do not recognize. I’ve counted over 40 different numbers that call me, most of them local calls.

I ordered a health newsletter from MIT, and lo and behold, I start getting emails from Harvard, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and the Massachusetts Hospital.

I keep getting phone calls from all over the country and just in the month of May, I got calls from Kentucky, Ohio, Chicago, Florida, Virginia, Arizona and several from California, after leaving over a year and a half from California. I continued to block these calls, but I get more numbers with maybe one digit different. Seldom does the robot leave a message. I keep getting mail from several companies that want to lend me money.

A very good article occurred in the Wall Street Journal from a journalist Joanna Stern. She goes on to say, “Try to relax: your meditation app knows where you live. She tested 80 apps and found that they were sharing realms of her personal data.” 

Nuff Said?