Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Dadamo Small Business Observer Magazine is to help create a mindset for helping entrepreneurs. The Magazine may be a misnomer because the plan goes beyond this to provide a reservoir of information; including business news, guest blogs, basic information to structure a company, and how to find help like coaches and mentors. The information provided will be important for all those involved in startups and small businesses.

For the record I consider Mindset a proper balance of Perception, Perspective, Priorities, and Planning.

Dick Dadamo

Coach, Mentor, Angel Investor


  • Angel Investor
  • Business Development
  • Business Planning & Strategy
  • Coaching & Mentoring Personnel
  • Growth
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Mentoring Entrepreneurs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Small Business Mentoring
  • Strategic Partners
  • Startups
  • Teaching

I was fortunate to be in the beginning of the computer and telecommunications industries.

My experience spanned all phases of management and executive levels, including Burroughs, Unisys, Electronic Memories, and TRW. I served on public boards as well as a CEO and a COB and also as founding director of several small businesses and start-ups.

Growth has been a way of life with me in my business career. After years in the public company corporate world, I started mentoring and coaching small businesses and start-ups.

My present activities include; being a senior mentor to entrepreneurial students at Chapman University Center for Entrepreneurship, and an Angel Investor in investors organizations, including Tech Coast Angels. In addition, to my board activities, I consult for start-ups and small businesses.

Need to improve your business or business life, I can offer coaching.

Need to grow your company or help in getting a start-up off the ground, I can offer mentoring.


Dick Dadamo’s broad and subtle approach to management allows him to make management issues understandable to all. We particularly like his chapter, “It’s the first drink that kills you,” a very interesting way of defining the role engineering departments play in manufacturing company inventories, and the heavy impact slipped schedules can play with the destiny of a company. We at Annabooks believe this book will be a great addition to our technical catalogue.

John P. Choisser

CEO, Annabooks

Dick Dadamo presents a great perspective for the marketing role in a company. I consider this book a must read for my staff.

Ted Bruce

CEO, Dense-Pac Microsystems

Dick has served my clients ably and effectively with insight on the market and all sorts of operational issues based on years of experience. The fortunate company to hire Dick will jump years ahead of the pack.

Nick Yocca

Partner, Yucca Law Firm LLP

We featured Dadamo’s “The Laws of Management Physics, A Handbook for Hands-On Managers” in the December 1996 issue of RTC because we believe his hands-on approach to management hits the target. Now Dick Dadamo has done it again with his book Will the Real Inventory Please Stand Up & Be Counted! He explains the complex topic of inventory, covering it from all sides in a simple straight forward manner that even non-manufacturing personnel can understand. His chapter two, with the same title as the book, uses the character Max Manufacturing to add a personal note to stepping through the many categories of inventory, making you feel like you are there.

John Reardon

Publisher, RTC Magazine

Learning never ends and Dick is a great teacher for those of us thirsty for more. His management classes and seminars frequently taught along with Phil Harding are phenomenal. Dick and Phil articulately mix analytics views with practical.

Randy Le Sage

Lead Craftsman and Designer, Proprietor

I believe you will enjoy Dadamo’s basic hands-on approach to marketing. It represents a powerful approach to marketing a company of any size.

Dad Beadle

Founder, Productivity Enhancement Products and BeadleNet